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Monday, June 26, 2017

A Mayor Setting a Good Example

This is exactly how a mayor should be communicating with residents.  Unfortunately, it's not from Media's Mayor Bob McMahon, but good advice just the same.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Medical condition being investigated in Media, Pa NOT A STABBING AS ORIGINALLY REPORTED

The delcotimes.com reports a stabbing medical condition in Media, PA is being investigated that left one person seriously injured.  The incident occurred in the area of S. Monroe and E. Baker Streets this morning 6/22/17 around 1:40am.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

State Champs Media Youth Rugby Recognized by Delaware County Council - Congratulations!

This morning Delaware County Council recognized the Media Youth Rugby Football Club (MYRFC) for winning the 2017 Rugby Pennsylvania State Championships. Their Junior level team took home their first ever Junior division state title when they beat out Cumberland Valley 25-17. They finished their season with a strong 5-1 record.  The Media Rugby High School team took home their first State Championship when they beat out top-seeded West Shore Rugby Club 42-29. They finished their season with a perfect 7-0 record. We commend the teams and coaches for their dedication, comradery, and team spirit. We are proud to have you represent the borough of Media and all of Delaware County. Congratulations!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When Media was Media - "Peanut Shells Go On Floor"

Two years ago we first heard the rumblings that one of the most iconic restaurants in Media might be looking to sell.  That could easily be confused with the Plumstead Inn, and you would be sort of correct, but I’m talking about the Towne House Restaurant.

It’s hard to imagine it's been that long because not much has changed in those two years, as the former Towne House restaurant looks exactly as it did in 2015.  In fact, except for the torn American Flags out front that need to be taken down (please, take them down or replace), you might think this was all a big joke and the doors will re-open for happy hour any day now.   Well, that’s not happening but there is something happening, or at least being discussed towards what will be done with the property.  And it WON’T be a Victory Brewpub, in fact, there may not be any retail associated with what’s developed at all.

Towne House Stag Bar 2015
Apparently, the developers were by to see Media Borough and have informally shared some ideas they have with those in the industry.  What that entails is a lot of dwellings/units at the site of the former restaurant and across Baltimore Ave where they also own that property too.  And by “dwellings” I expect these to be apartments, not condo/townhomes.  

From what I understand the historic “Meeting House” will not be touched, but virtually everything else will on that footprint, which takes up a lot of that block.  I’ve heard as many as 50 dwellings on one side of Baltimore Ave and another 50 on the other side.  These numbers may be a bit conservative, but these many units put it on a level close to what we’ll see from the West End Flats. 

As I’ve been saying for a long time, there’s a lot of housing coming on the market in the next 18 months and developers are taking notice, if not feeling a twinge of uncertainty.  How could they not? They may not come out and say it, but their actions state otherwise which is the speculative reason behind the lack of notable movement on the Towne House.   Word is, they want to wait and see what happens here in Media before getting under way with a very big project.  I don’t blame them, I would too.

The project itself is going to need some zoning help also, which Media might not want to address just yet as I’m certain they also have some anxiety over all of this development.   Try to get an answer out of a Media elected official on any of the development happening.  You can't, they don't have an answer but will agree with you, whatever side you're on.

It’s my understanding the developer wants to do a height of 5 to 6 stories, with two levels being parking.  Whether that’s basement parking and the next floor up, I don’t exactly know but that limits, if not prevents, any retail floors.  Retail is not doing so well in Media and proposing space that might be used as another restaurant starts to get political.  Political how? Political in a way that Media Borough holds the negotiating power with the developer in bringing (or not) another restaurant to Media which many are finding saturated.

Oh, and about that liquor license!  Wouldn’t that be something if Trader Joe’s picked that up?  I’m told TJ’s is looking for one, or may even have one, but I’ve not been able to confirm that.  I’m not sure TJ’s could compete with the  PA state stores system on price as that may be regulated,  but could on convenience and volume.  Especially if they make a move on the old vacant Hallmark store next to them on State Street.

Remember when?  


Monday, June 19, 2017

Glenwood Elementary Library named in honor of teacher.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rose Tree Pops Tonight 6/17/17 at Rose Tree Park - 7:30p

Rose Tree Pops This 65-member orchestra performs light classics, music from movies and Broadway. Featuring youth soloist winner Alisa Borisovsky, playing “Rhapsody in Blue.”

The show begins at 7:30p (Please bring blankets and chairs for seating. Shows will be canceled in the event of rain.)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hot Club of Philadelphia Gypsy Jazz for all will be performing tonight 6/16/17 at the Rose Tree Park

Hot Club of Philadelphia Gypsy Jazz for all! Featuring songs from their Gypsy Routes CD and jazz standards done with acoustic guitar, violin, and bass.

The show begins at 7:30p (Please bring blankets and chairs for seating. Shows will be canceled in the event of rain.)

Media 5 Mile Race 2017 What You Need to Know

Media 5 Mile Race 2017
What You Need to Know

Parking and Road Closures:
Media will begin to close down the streets that make up the race course around 5pm and won't officially open them back up until 9pm. Consequently, this will create a lot of detours in and around Media, so be prepared for delays and frustrated drivers (happens every year).   A lot of people in town make arrangements to leave early to avoid the traffic.  For those coming into town, it’s best to get here as early as you can.  You’ll be able to maneuver around the streets of Media after 5pm, but it’ll be challenging and not recommended as it gets closer to race time (7pm.), especially inside the perimeter of the course.  

The blue line represents the race course and streets closed beginning at 5pm
Public transportation is available via the SEPTA Buses and Media/Elwyn Regional line.  We have quite a few of bike racks on State Street too, so biking is another good option and the easiest way to get around.

Parking will be a challenge in Media, and what spots are available, fill up quickly. 

Kids Fun Run (6pm)
For the youngsters (11yrs and younger) there will be a free Fun Run at Barrall Field on State Street (next to Media Elementary) at 6pm.  You must signup and submit by 5:45pm. Kids get a t-shirt and parents get tired kids.

Festivities - Bars, Restaurants and House Parties
Media businesses will be ready for all your drinking and dining pleasures before, during and after the race.  Check out a slew of great places to hang-out and watch the runners as it they go right down State Street.  Sligo’sStephen’s on State and the Plumstead Inn Picasso are always popular during this event, so get a good seat to cheer!  For those entertaining make sure to stock up on food and beverages from 320 Market Cafe and County Beverage.  Also, check out Bryn Mawr Running on State Street for any last minute equipment needs.

Travel beyond State Street and you’ll notice a host of house parties happening on virtually every street in town (I hear 6th Street is the best!).  Whether it’s a mix of live music, swanky catered events, keggers, cocktail parties, or festive cook-outs; you’ll see, hear and experience it all one way or the other.  The festivities go on through most of the night but begin to wind down around 11pm, so stop by and enjoy Media’s hospitality.

Social Media - Participate!
People love to capture and share this experience via social media.  Whether it’s instant updates, coverage, pictures or video, we’ll cover it here with live feeds from Twitter and Facebook.  Be in the know, and use hash tags: #MEDIAPA and #MEDIA5MILE

Media 5 Mile Race FAQs:
  • How long has this race been happening? This is the 37th year
  • How many people run? About 1,600
  • Is this Media's only race?  No!  There's the Santa Fun Run in November too.
  • Where's the course? The 5 miles is made up of two laps around the perimeter of town (check out race course map)
  • What's the official drink?  I dunno....It was the Two Buck Chuck?
  • How hard is this race?  With the hills, some have said it's harder than the Broad Street run.
  • Will it be held in the rain?  Yes, but weather looks good for Friday.  
  • Is there an official site: http://www.media5milerace.com

A special thanks to the Media Police, Media Fire Department and First Responders for making this an enjoyable and safe event!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The 2017 Rose Tree Summer Concert Series kicks-off tonight with the Delaware County Symphony. Show starts at 7:30p

NBC10 Philadelphia's Vai Sikahema interviewed Councilman Dave White and Delco native and The Voice star Audra Lynn Mclaughlin today to learn more about the Delaware County Summer Concert Series, which begins tomorrow night at 7:30pm in Rose Tree Park. Check out the interview for details! 

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Traffic Light on Baltimore Ave expected to be operational come July 2017

Traffic light will be operational in the next month.

Things are moving along quickly on the west side of town.  The traffic light at the corners of Brooke, State and Baltimore Ave; erected months ago is expected to be operational sometime in July.