Friday, September 22, 2017

It's been in the works for a few years, but Penn State Brandywine has put together a stellar, first-rate campus with its new development.

It's been in the works for a few years, but Penn State Brandywine has put together a stellar, first-rate campus with a recently constructed student union center and 250-bed dorm named Orchard Hall.

I had a chance to attend last night's open house at Penn State Brandywine that really showcased the collaboration and commitment from the community it took to make this vision happen.  The campus layout with the new additions is just flat-out amazing.  The grounds, the buildings and the smiles on student's faces show an enthusiasm that makes you feel proud we have a campus like this in Delaware County, PA.

A job Well Done to all those at Penn State who made this happen.  It's a fantastic achievement!

Penn State Brandywine Open House Event

New Student Union


Art displays at the Student Union
Brand new 250-bed dorm

Delaware County Councilman, Dave White leads war on opioid crisis

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do we separate grain products from meat products, or will food scrap recycling be single stream?

I came across a survey today provided by Media Borough soliciting recommendations on a possible food scrap recycling program. Honestly, I thought it was a joke.   Is this some kind of solution to a problem that doesn't even exist?  Or more precisely solutionism?  With everything else going on in the borough this is their focus? Really!!!  Apparently, they've been working on it for months!

Forget about the incurred costs for such a program, local government bureaucracy, ancillary issues (i.e. rats, stench, cleanliness, wasted fuel to implement, pollution), or even a legitimate need; and look at what's really happening in Media that deserves attention.

  • Olive Street Garage needing repair for the second time in two years.  Yet no one on borough council took responsibility for signing off on the first repair or recourse for funds spent.
  • An increasing "Crime Culture" as reported by Mayor Bob McMahon this year who is called out for not being prepared and forgetting to give safety report.
  • A shootout that occurred on 6th Street three weeks ago. Yet no update or followup.
  • The incident on Third Street just last week.
  • A bridge that has been in disrepair for almost twenty five years, while better access to Media is needed more than ever to alleviate congestion (i.e. West End Flats, Hampton Inn).
  • The increase in treated sewage (2.2 million Gallons per Day) Media's putting into Ridley creek.
  • Parking - Has there been any vision shared on improvements in parking within the borough? Any?  How about a new or expanded garage in the borough the county is interested in?
  • Development. What's Media's elected officials' vision for continued development in the borough?  Not the comprehensive plan that a handful of people participated in, but THEIR assessment.
  • Finacial cost for new projects: Plum Street Mall, Veteran's Square, Media Library, etc.
  • Lack of communication to residents and businesses on ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I could go on and on, but it always comes down to the same problems: lack of oversight, lack of accountability, lack of order/leadership and individual agendas.

Do we separate grain products from meat products, or will food scrap recycling be single stream?

Important Update from The Nether Providence Police Department

5th Street Park Steering Committee Created

Site of future park at 5th and Broomall Streets

Media Borough seeks residents for volunteer steering committee responsible for discussing and recommending ideas for the newly acquired land at 5th Street.  Recommendations of the committee will influence how the park will be developed, physical improvements and parking.

The committee will begin in October and complete recommendations by April 2018.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Penncrest loses on the road to Garnet Valley

The game was much more closer than the score would indicate, but Penncrest Football ended up losing on the road last night to maybe the best team in the Central League, Garnet Valley (28-7).

I wasn't able to make the game, but the production abilities were impressive with the live stream GV provided via Youtube.  The announcers, quality, and picture were actually very good and watching it on a large screen with a Roku was a snap.  I also noted they had over 100 viewers logged in to watch, which isn't that many, but a lot more than I've seen watching any high school event over the internet.  Nice Job, Garnet Valley!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Everybody's Hometown "relationship psycho-drama" Film

Here's a neat movie called This is Our Home being created and directed in and around everybody's hometown of Media.  Consider helping out with a donation and learn more about this effort at This is Our Home website.

So why Media, PA? Jeff grew up in an old spooky 1700s farmhouse in Media, where half a decade ago we met and began collaborating.  We instantly clicked, having both grown up in the Philadelphia suburbs shooting home movies in the woods and watching an oddly equal ratio of romantic comedies AND horror movies.  As our story began to take shape, we knew it should take place in our heroine's childhood home, and we kept coming back to Jeff's house and the houses of his grandparents in Pennsylvania.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Penncrest Class of 1995 in the news!

Support Penncrest Boys Soccer - Free Car Wash this Sunday!

New CVS Pharmacy construction to get underway.

The new CVS store that's coming to Media, is getting off to a quick start.  Heavy equipment has been moved in to prepare the lot for construction set to begin very soon.  These stores can go up very quickly and with no stipulations needed from the borough, it could be completed by the end of the year.

As for the current CVS across the street, no word yet on what may occupy that building.

Herea are what the plans and footprint look like

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Community Awareness - 3rd and Monroe

A resident requested I let the community know of an incident that occurred to her daughter while walking home from school last Friday.  It's not clear what the intention was, and it could end up being nothing of concern, but for awareness it's important to share with the community.  The Media Police and RTMSD were also made aware of the incident.

Incident occurred near 3rd and Monroe (Friday 9/8/17)

I wanted to make parents aware...yesterday (Friday) around 3:30 pm, my 7th grade daughter was walking home from the bus stop in Media Borough. A car stopped next to her and said "beautiful day. Hi, I'm Jackson. She started walking faster and he drove away. She said he was in his late 30's early 40's and was driving a beat up tan colored car. We did talk to the police just to make them aware as well. Hopefully, it was innocent but just in case, I thought I'd share