Friday, October 20, 2017

Media-UP Library Fall Book Sale - October 21-23, 2017

Contact: Karin Goldman
Media-Upper Providence Free
Library Book Sale
Phone 484-477- 2601

1 E. Front St.
Media, PA 19063

Media-Upper Providence Free Library

Book Sale

Press Release

Media-UP Library Fall Book Sale: Week of Sale Release
For Release: Week of October 15, 2017

Media, PA October 10, 2017: The Media-Upper Providence Free Library Fall Book Sale is
this coming weekend, October 21-23, 2017. The sale will run 10-5 each day in the basement of
the Library, located at 1 E. Front Street, Media PA 19063. The site is fully accessible, with wide
aisles and an elevator.

The upcoming sale will feature over 40,000 books, movies, music, games, puzzles and
more. In addition to shelves filled with children’s books, fiction, non-fiction and mysteries, the
sale will also feature large amounts of books about horseracing, baseball, golf, exercise, railroads
& trains, and Asian and vegetarian cookbooks. Music lovers are in for a treat with lots of sheet
music, a huge selection of LP’s and many books on contemporary music and musicians from the
1960’s to present. Don’t forget to visit the Specials room on the 2 nd Floor where all kinds of
unique and collectible books are for sale.

Prices can’t be beat. On Saturday, most items are $1-2, with Specials being individually
priced. On Sunday, everything is ½ priced, except Specials. On Monday, buy a bag for $5 and
stuff it full! Specials are half-price on Monday. The semi-annual sales provide a major source of
funding for the library’s operating budget. For more information, visit the Facebook page (Media
UP Book Sale), follow us on Twitter/Instagram (@mediaupbooksale), email, or call the library at 610-566- 1918.


Pictured in photo: Imany (4) and Inaya (2) Furtado

Media Borough 2017 Leaf Pickup Schedule

Bike sharrows come to Media. Will they work?

South Orange Street - Media, PA

Back in 2016 the idea of designating specific lanes for biking, called bike sharrows, was first discussed.  Back then the proposal entailed two phases.  Phase one would cost approximately $20,000 and include road markings showing were the lanes are.  Phase two would address traffic signals specifically for bikes and also cost $20,000.

This week, we saw the first designated street markings identifying the "sharrow" lanes.  These can be found on S. Orange Street.  You'll probably see more of these as the borough rolls out the program.  Unfortunately, there's nothing on the borough's website or social media that really explains the program.  Specifically how people should use them, both bikers and vehicles.  Who yields to who? Can you ride outside of the sharrows? Etc.

Media Borough should provide something like this example to explain how sharrows work.

I walk Media almost everyday and even at the height of Fall biking season, I don't see a lot a bikers.  I don't see them biking, at bike stands or at the Media train station.  Perhaps the sharrows will help, but I still think the enforcement to curb roll-throughs and speeding, which I have seen recently by the Media Police, is a better focus of resources.  At least that's what parents who have concerns about their kids biking in the streets tell me.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A case can be made that Media Borough did the same thing.

This week an ethics complaint was filed against Middletown Township over the easements needed by Sunoco to construct the highly contentious ME2 pipeline.  The complaint was based on a few issues noted:

Evans based his complaint on several issues. He noted neither a written contract nor rate of compensation was determined between Flandreau and the township. Evans added he attended two public meetings and “very little information was provided and whatever negotiations Mr. Flandreau was conducting was not revealed.”
Evans wrote Flandreau “ignored the open space preserved status of the properties and was indifferent to the township’s home rule charter authority to deny the sale.” He also questioned a statement by council President Mark Kirchgasser that the township did not have a choice about the sale and if denied, Sunoco would have seized the land under eminent domain.
Truth be told, the same complaint could be filed against Media for the exact same reasons.  Media approved an easement needed for the construction of the pipeline over land they owned in Middletown.  Media received $350k for the easement, but never provided any details on what was negotiated, safety assessments, or risk analysis.

Council President, Brian Hall still hasn't provided the information that was requested a year ago.  Click to view the video below queued to the point where Brian gives an explanation.  Has anyone seen the information he claims was discussed by borough council?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hats off to Delaware County Councilman Dave White

Hats off to Delaware County Councilman Dave White.  What a story of helping a family in need.

"I have a son that's disabled that's intellectually disabled, so I understand how difficult it is day-to-day sometimes," he said.

Could Amazon HQ2 be coming to Delco, PA!

How would you like Amazon to bring their HQ2 to Delco, PA?  That's an invest over $5 billion in construction and growth in this second headquarters to include as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs – it will be a full equal to our current campus in Seattle.

Well, it's not as far-fetched as you might think.  Delaware County Council will be holding a press conference this afternoon to make just that pitch as to why Amazon should consider Delaware County, PA.

Who was the guy from Media that who has said numerous times that Media had potential to be a tech hub?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It's another STELLAR year for Rose Tree Media School District

for Rose Tree Media School district.

Starbucks moving across the street (Providence Rd)

Plans and drawings for the new Starbucks that will be going across the street from where they are located now, will be released soon.  The building will include a drive-thru along with space for what is expected to be another eatery.  No word yet on what that eatery will be or when construction will begin.  Media architect, Bob Linn will be providing the designs.

Monday, October 16, 2017

What will happen to this vacant store on State Street?

Prior to being a Hallmark store, it was the Media Liquor Store.
It's been vacant since January of 2017, but that's not to say there hasn't been any interest.  From what I'm told Trader Joe's was interested in this property with the idea of using it to expand its current store on State Street.  Whether that was to include a possible alcohol section or something else, we may never know as it appears it needed a lot of modifications to suit its needs.

As for Trader Joe's eventually selling alcohol at the Media store, that's an interesting concept that makes a lot of sense.  The Granite Run Acme has done well with selling wine and beer over the last year and most of that success can be contributed to convenience.  Trader Joe's could easily benefit from the same setup.  Whether they have or are pursuing a liquor license, that comes down to who you ask, but with state laws loosening up recently, it'll probably happen at some point.

So what will happen with this property?  It's one of the biggest storefronts in town which makes it more attractive towards being a restaurant than anything else.  I'm told the lease is going for $7,500k per month, but with lack of parking, that might be the location's biggest drawback.

A great event to help!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Reduce Delco Traffic by 20%. Here's how it works!

People LOVE to complain about it, but we never see any real results, let alone a measurable way to reduce area traffic congestion.  Here's your chance to reduce area traffic by 20% and you would only have to do it just once a week.  It's free!

There's also help coming from Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf who is proposing dynamic part-time shoulder use on sections of interstates 476 and 95 in Delaware County.

The video was shot in Media, PA and shows a concept that has a lot of benefits for us all.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

MYC's Annual Fall Basketball Coaches' Clinic Saturday, Oct 14 from 9-11am - Open to the Public - No Cost

MYC's Annual Fall Basketball Coaches' Clinic 
Saturday, Oct 14 from 9-11am (note time change)
@ MYC, 1 Youth Way, Media
Coffee provided by Burlap & Bean / Bagels provided by NY Bagel
Open to the Public - No Cost
Featured Speaker is Jim Lynam, retired NBA and NCAA coach
Additional Speakers are Mike Doyle, Head Coach Penncrest Boys' team and Larry Johnson, Head Coach PSU Brandywine Women's team

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Two new stores open up on State Street in Media, PA

Two new stores open up on State Street

Two new stores have opened up on State Street right next one another.   The first is Unique Boutique which has a lot of seasonal and holiday decor and ideas.  The second is a home movies to dvd service which is the first of its kind for Media. Both look like they have or will open for business this week.

Best of luck to both businesses and welcome to Media, PA!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Why hasn't Mayor McMahon done more for Media, PA?

When was the last time anyone heard something from Media's Mayor, Bob McMahon on anything?  Nothing about development, nothing about preservation, nothing about businesses in the borough....

The only thing we hear is how unprepared he is for meetings by borough council.