Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Taste of More High End Real Estate Coming to Media from the developer who created Chestnut Square in West Chester?

EKahn Development who purchased the Towne House Restaurant and adjacent property across the street of Baltimore Ave could be bringing to Media a similar concept that they recently did in West Chester with the Chestnut Square project. 

Is this what's in store for Media in terms of future development from this group?  Word is they are looking to see how West End Flats works out and how receptive people are to those price points (starting $1,600 one-bedroom).  The high-end apartment market in Media is becoming an interesting case study.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Scheduled for the Opening of Media's Newest Wawa on July 28th (Friday)

It's been almost 6 years when I first reported that Wawa was interested in bringing a marquee store to Media, PA.  During that time, a lot happened and A LOT more didn't happen that made this such a lengthy project.  In fact, it was stalled to the point that many thought, as did I, that this project would never be achieved.  I even went as far as to thank Wawa for the opportunity.

Despite setbacks, Wawa remained determined to see it through and here we are on the verge of its grand opening.  Friday, July 28th at 10am is the official ribbon cutting to open the store.  I'm not sure if it'll be open before then, as it looks like it could open any day.


Below is the site being demolished back in 2010.

It's with great sorrow to have learned of the passing of Alan Lee Berkey the owner of Quincy's on State Street. Our deepest sympathy and condolences.

Media's PA State Rep. Chris Quinn addresses the safety of ME2 pipeline “What is occurring here is unacceptable,” said Quinn.

Tonight's performance at Rose Tree Park - Makin’ Music & the Moonlight Forest Friends This multi-award winning group of talented teachers/performers has attained household name status among parents, children, and the sippy-cup crowd. Sing & dance along!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

**** COMMUNITY UPDATE **** Per Media Borough Police Department "Numerous investigations and arrests for serious offenses to include Aggravated Assault" at Barrall Field and Media Elementary Scott-Lowrie Playground are now requiring the Media Police to enforce Borough Curfew Ordinances.

Why isn't Mayor Bob McMahon addressing these situations at the monthly borough council meetings?  The police report "Over recent weeks and months, the behavior of certain individuals at the Media Elementary Scott-Lowrie Playground and Barrall Field has resulted in numerous investigations and arrests for serious offenses to include Aggravated Assault." However, these incidents have been going on for much longer than a couple of months.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Councilman Rob O'Connor is doing great things for Nether Providence

Councilman Rob O'Connor is doing great things for Nether Providence.  Residents appreciate updates on legislation and notifications that effects their communities and Rob does a great job at providing and explain this over social media.

Jimmy Kimmel said there was not way in Hell he was coming to Media, PA, so Will Rubin brought Media to his show. Check it out.

Will Rubin from Media, PA talks to Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart as to why he chose Jimmy Kimmel as his Bar Mitzvah theme.  Check out this great video from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

When kids have their bar or bat mitzvah they normally have some kind of theme and a young man from Media, Pennsylvania named Will Rubin is no exception. Will's Bar Mitzvah was Jimmy Kimmel Live themed, so Jimmy invited Will onto the show where he was surprised by none other than the great Jon Stewart.